From candle vessel to flower vase: How to re-use your Miller Harris candle pot

Sustainability is at the heart of Miller Harris and we design our products to have a life that lasts beyond their scent.  
Once you’ve enjoyed your beautifully-scented Miller Harris X McQueens Flowers candle, the ceramic vessel handily doubles up as an elegant posy vase. We asked the experts at McQueens Flowers for their top tips on creating the perfect posy for your home. Follow their step-by-step guide below to style a floral design to perfection!

  • Your Miller Harris x McQueens Flowers candle pot.
  • Around ten stems of flowers, preferably a few different varieties for varying texture and colour.

Begin by conditioning your flowers – removing any leaves from the lower two-thirds of the stems.

With the first flower in one hand and using the other hand to pick up the remaining stems, start to place your materials together stem by stem – all facing the same direction. Gently turn the bunch as you go, you will start to see a spiral shape form. Keep a gentle grip around the design so that it stays in place. If a flower slips down, gently cup the head from underneath to pull it back up again to avoid bruising delicate petals.

Once you’re happy with your hand tie, tie the stems with a piece of string. Measure the posy against the vase and trim so that it is roughly double the height of the vase. Be sure to trim the stems at an angle, this will allow them to drink more water when they are submerged.

Change the water every one to two days and keep out of direct sunlight to enjoy your stems for as long as possible.
Discover more expert tips and beautiful florals from McQueens Flowers over on their website.

Bring the outside in with the Miller Harris x McQueens flowers Petal Storm candle

As we continue to spend more time than usual in our homes, why not bring the outside in with our floral-inspired McQueens candle collection.

The Miller Harris x McQueens Petal Storm Candle captures summer florals in a sensual bouquet, where petals swirl in the wind with lightness, moist with scent, delicate as memory and sensual as breath. This candle seasons sumptuous white florals with pink pepper on an evocative base of amber and musk. With a burn time of approx. 65 hours, this candle will fill your home with a beautiful scent.