The Golden Rules of Biscuit Making

We all love a bit of baking... Our friends at Biscuiteers share with us a few treasured top tips, the secrets behind London's favourite biscuits!

At Biscuiteers HQ we are very lucky to have a beautiful big kitchen, with lots of shiny steel tables, fridge’s, handy racks that roll on little wheels and marvellous mixers that make biscuit making a real pleasure. We hand make lovely batches of all the biscuit dough and icing that we use, and we get to have great fun baking and icing every day. But when we come to do it at home, we have to remember that there some things that help to make the process go a little more smoothly.

Make a plan: It can take quite a long time to make the biscuit dough as we have to roll it, chill it, cut it, bake it and cool it. Then we need to mix the icing and separate it into the colours used in that collection, pipe and fill the biscuits with icing and then add sprinkles or decorations if necessary. So make a plan particularly if children are involved. Perhaps make and bake biscuits one, and make icing and pipe another day. All baked biscuits made from our basic biscuit recipes can be kept in airtight containers for at least a week and the icing is made in advance, although it is easier to use on the day that it is made.

Clear away: Before you start to bake it is really helpful to clear and clean an area of worktop large enough for you to roll out the biscuit dough on.

Cover up: A big apron and rolled-up or short sleeves help to prevent you from getting icing on your clothes. We use a mixture of natural powder colours from, among other things, beetroot, and carrots, and gel colours that are widely available. At the end of every day, there is always a rainbow of colours on our aprons. But be careful because the colours can stain clothes and fabric, and sometimes even people’s mouths!

Little ones: Make sure that any little helpers are kept well away from any mixers, machine and hot ovens or are carefully supervised if they want to be involved in the fun.

Chill out: Make some room in the fridge because biscuit dough needs to relax somewhere cool before it is baked. Make enough room for a baking tray and then stack the trays one on top of the other if you are making lots of biscuits.

Preparation:  Have a good look at the ingredients and any special equipment that you need to make your chosen biscuits, and gather it all together before you begin. Keep things simple to start with if you are new to icing and decorating.

Quality matters: Use good quality ingredients; their use makes a difference to the flavour of the biscuit.

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