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Miller Harris tell contemporary urban stories through complex fragrances. We start with nature – with distinct greens and woods, with carefully sourced floral notes, iris from Florence, French violet leaf, jasmine from Egypt, Tunisian orange flower – but we frame these precious botanicals in complex and unconventional ways, always surprising and always


We honor nature by sourcing the finest raw materials and preserving the delicacy of our ingredients, then curate, combine and harmonise them to create perfumes that combine elegance with London’s eclectic street styles.


To celebrate our commitment to nature and our respect for those who constantly source the best ingredients, Miller Harris has launched a new range.   Forage

Forage presents three perfumes inspired by the botanical treasures around us. These are Hidden, Lost and Wander. The brief to our perfumiers was to create fragrances using only ingredients which can be discovered wild in London.


We walked with John Renston, the urban forager, who said: “As London’s a micro-climate, everything has extended growing seasons, with a lot of wild plants that aren’t bothered that it’s a city,&rdquo.

“It’s warmer here, that’s all they care about. You also have a lot more feral plants that have escaped people’s gardens. You throw all that together and London is actually 47% open and green spaces.

We tend to think it’s a big blob of grey surrounded by green, but it’s more like inter-locking tendrils of green and grey.”


“We are looking for an immersive experience, as choosing a fragrance is such a personal and emotive journey. We wanted to elicit a sensorial response to the fragrance and showcase the storytelling of so many of our perfumes.”

Sarah Rotheram, chief executive of Miller Harris


Miller Harris concept stores

Every Miller Harris store is designed around a muse reflecting the Miller Harris world. Working with the design studios Fabled studio, the brief was to convey a British fragrance house rooted in the modern bohemian spirit of contemporary London. Rebellious luxury leads boutique innovator, an immersive space to reflect a creative and hedonistic heart.